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At FPM we give a positive experience with movement by finding the hardest thing you do well. Our mission is to challenge the status quo in the musculoskeletal space and bridge the evidence-practice gap.

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IG Live with Craig Liebenson and Ryan Chow

A discussion on “Reconceptualizing Beliefs.”

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“These are the richest education hours I have experienced in more than 20 years. Craig, Laura, and Ryan are the best.”

Marty Walder, DC (Massachussetts)

There are millions of methods and very few principles. Master the principles and you can learn any method.

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Mission & Vision

The First Principles Approach

“First principles thinking is the act of boiling a process down to the fundamental parts that you know are true and building up from there.”

The Problem We Are Facing

We are in the midst of an inactivity crisis which accelerates the challenges of a rapidly aging population & growing inequities in the social determinants of health. People are actually getting older at a younger age. As Stephen Hawking said, “The cause of most disease is we eat too much and move too little. Why more people don’t realize this is beyond my comprehension.”

FPM’s Mission

To challenge the status quo & provide a science based & personalized approach to getting people back to activity.

FPM’s Vision

“Movement as Medicine” is the benchmark for our community of coaches & clinicians who promote both self-management & independent functioning. Every person is entitled to:

1. Healthy longevity (prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)) &
2. Sustainable athleticism

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While lifespan has increased dramatically, health span has been shrinking. Why is this so?

According to Stephen Hawking, “The solution is simple. More physical activity and change in diet.”


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