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Course Postponements

FPM has currently postponed all our in-person courses due to the fluid nature of the pandemic. We will be identifying solutions to change course dates for later in the year or in early 2021. Please know that we will be monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely and will make the best decisions possible for our participant’s health and public safety.

We will soon have all our courses available online for FREE for those pre-registered. Our 1st WEBINAR version of “Knowledge Translation: Putting Evidence into Practice to build a Precision Program” is available on our FPM Online Courses site – two 4-hour webinar recordings with special guests as well as downloable course materials.

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First Principles of Movement

At FPM we give a positive experience with movement by finding the hardest thing you do well.

Welcome to

First Principles of Movement

At FPM we give a positive experience with movement by finding the hardest thing you do well.

There are millions of methods and very few principles. Master the principles and you can learn any method. (Emerson)

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“First principles thinking is the act of boiling a process down to the fundamental parts that you know are true and building up from there.”

The FPM concepts & philosophy are evidence-based & practical. They bridge the gap from research to practice for reduction of injury risk; accelerated rehab; prevention of chronicity; performance enhancement; & health span promotion.

This knowledge translation occurs through our unique Lab Immersion Experience. A combination of self-study resources; interactive live problem-based active learning presentations; and hands-on workshops.

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While lifespan has increased dramatically, health span has been shrinking. Why is this so?

According to Stephen Hawking, “The solution is simple. More physical activity and change in diet.”


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Rehabilitation of the Spine

  1. Interview with Dr. Liebenson Ezen Inside Podcast 1:33:20
  2. Interview with Dr. Liebenson RAW with Marty Gallagher 1:44:17
  3. Dr. Ryan Chow - Integrated Cient-Centered Model Lee Taft Performance Podcast 39:38
  4. Dr. Ryan Chow - The Intersection Between High Level PT and Hardcore Strength RAW with Marty Gallagher | IRON COMPANY® 1:31:55
  5. In Conversation with Dr Craig Liebenson Australian Chiropractors Association Podcast 44:14
  6. How To Break The Barrier Between Two Worlds, Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Care | Ft Dr. Liebenson Hybrid Unlimited 1:34:40
  7. Strength Rehab, Chiro school, Injury Prevention & Recovery, Sleep, and More Strength Rehab Podcast 21:13
  8. Systems vs Principles w/ Dr. Liebenson Movement Fix Podcast 1:20:56
  9. Patient-Centered Chiropractic Medicine with Craig Liebenson Clinic Gym Radio 1:09:05
  10. The First Principles Of Movement w/ Dr. Craig Liebenson Muscle Medicine Podcast 56:05
  11. Interview w/ Dr. Liebenson FTCA Podcast 1:25:34
  12. Lecture - WORLDZZ Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Craig Liebenson 39:24
  13. Interview with Dr. Liebenson Strength Chats by Kabuki Strength #85 57:18