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Learn best practices from the fields of rehabilitation, pain management, personal training, athletic development, & behavioral modification.

For a bird's-eye-view of all our programs, view the FPM Roadmap.

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2-Day Program

Precision Programming: The Client-Centered Approach

Learn to connect the dots from the client’s story to an actionable program.


2-Day Program


Give tangible hope and an achievable plan through a positive experience with movement.

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2-Day Program


Building capacity and the trainable menu.


2-Day Program


This course completes the series – PREPARE, TRAIN, & RECOVER, thus ensuring your ability to build programs designed to sustainably progress a person’s physical development.

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4-Month Program

FPM Mentorship

A 4 month program focused on teaching you how to build a Precision Profile Template.


  1. 12 subject modules (zoom meet ups; weekly group topical discussions; module based learning resources)
  2. Exit task – post a profile case/program on public FB page


FPM Roadmap

Chart your path through the FPM ecosystem – from our FREE resources, to webinars and in-person courses, to the FPM Mentorship and beyond.

  1. Dr. Ryan Chow | The Truth about Integrating Physical Therapy with Strength Training RAW with Marty Gallagher 1:37:01
  2. Interview with Dr. Don Berry High Performers Podcast 43:17
  3. Interview with Dr. Liebenson Ezen Inside Podcast 1:33:20
  4. Interview with Dr. Liebenson RAW with Marty Gallagher 1:44:17
  5. Dr. Ryan Chow - Integrated Cient-Centered Model Lee Taft Performance Podcast 39:38
  6. Dr. Ryan Chow - The Intersection Between High Level PT and Hardcore Strength RAW with Marty Gallagher | IRON COMPANY® 1:31:55
  7. In Conversation with Dr Craig Liebenson Australian Chiropractors Association Podcast 44:14
  8. How To Break The Barrier Between Two Worlds, Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Care | Ft Dr. Liebenson Hybrid Unlimited 1:34:40
  9. Strength Rehab, Chiro school, Injury Prevention & Recovery, Sleep, and More Strength Rehab Podcast 21:13
  10. Systems vs Principles w/ Dr. Liebenson Movement Fix Podcast 1:20:56
  11. Patient-Centered Chiropractic Medicine with Craig Liebenson Clinic Gym Radio 1:09:05