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– Video of Dr. Liebenson’s concluding talk at the Stanford meeting w/ Pr McGill & Gray Cook


Podcast Interviews:

Dr. Ryan Chow on The Coach U Podcast – December 2022

Dr. Liebenson on 21st Century Physio Podcast – July 2022

Dr. Liebenson on Move Without Limits Podcast from Reload – July 2022

Dr. Donald Mull on Be a Better PT Podcast – April 2022

Dr. Ryan Chow on The Coach’s Playground Podcast – February 2022

Dr. Liebenson on The Coach U Podcast: “The Motion is the Lotion” – February 2022

(Video) Megan Pomarensky on Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society Podcast – January, 2022

Dr. Liebenson on Athletes Authority ON AIR: “Most Underrated & Most Overrated Method Or Exercise.” – November, 2021 

Dr. Liebenson on Athletes Authority ON AIR – September, 2021

Dr. Ryan Chow on RAW with Marty Gallagher | The Truth about Integrating Physical Therapy with Strength Training  – May, 2021

Dr. Liebenson on Ezen Inside Podcast – September, 2020

Dr. Liebenson on Instagram Live with Kinesio Edu – September, 2020

Dr. Liebenson on RAW with Marty Gallagher – September, 2020

Dr. Ryan Chow on Lee Taft Performance Podcast – September, 2020

Dr. Ryan Chow on RAW w/ Marty Gallagher – August, 2020

Dr. Don Berry on High Performers Podcast – May 2020

Australian Chiropractors Association Podcast – May, 2020

Dr. Liebenson Q&A with Parker College of Chiropractic Students – Functional Assessment – April 6, 2020

Hybrid Unlimited Podcast w/ Stefi Cohen, P.T. – Apr 2020

Clinic Gym Radio – Feb 2020

Muscle Medicine Podcast w/ Emily Kiberd, D.C. – Jan 2020

Movement Fix Podcast – Sep 2019

Strength Rehab Podcast – Aug 2019

Kabuki Strength #85 – Strength Chat – Aug. 2019

FTCA Podcast – “Be a Learn It All, Not a Know It All” – Sep. 2018

Mechanical Care Forum – Keeping an Open Mind – Feb. 2018

Mechanical Care Forum – Slow Cooking the Fitness – Jan. 2018

Kabuki Strength – Jun. 2017

Therapy Insider – What is Functional? – Jan. 2017

Open Sky – The Power of Functional Movement – Jan. 2017

SportsRehabExpert.com interview w/ Joe Heiler, P.T– 2010 (DNS w/ Clare Frank, P.T.)

SportsRehabExpert.com interview w/ Joe Heiler, P.T. – 2010

SportsRehabExpert.com interview w/ Joe Heiler, P.T. – 2011 (Functional Assessment History….)

Perry Nickelston, D.C.’s Stop Chasing Pain Interview on Feb. 12, 2011 – (Functional Assessment/Janda/Gray/Cook)

Brett Kinsler, D.C.’s On The Other Hand Podcast on Feb. 19, 2011 (Lewit/Chiropractic)

March, 2011 interview w/ Joe Heiler, PT of sportsrehabexpert.com on DNS, core stability training, Janda, and functional assessment

Laree Draper’s Movement talks –

with Gray Cook: A Dialogue on Function – 2011

with Charlie Weingroff: SFMA & DNS, Can We Marry Them? – 2012

with Gray Cook: Myths and Misunderstandings about the FMS & SMFA – 2012

With Stuart McGill: From the Lab to the Trenches – 2012

with Gray Cook: Pr Janda & the FMS/SMFA – 2013


Written Interviews:

Dr. John Rusin interview Dr. Liebenson on Functional Training – 2019

Société Scientifique dédiée à la Chiropraxie interview with Cyril Fischhoff, DC & Karl Vincent, DC

Interview w/ Kennt Waale – 2013

L.A. Times Interview with myself & Pr. McGill – 2012

Interview w/ Anthony Close, D.C. – 2010

Devdeep Ahuja, PT PhysioGuru Interview – 2010

Back to Basics: Shape Magazine

Selected Articles:

For CV click here

A Key Link in the Locomotor System: The Upper Thoracic Spine  w/ Dr Brett Winchester

Mid-Thoracic Dysfunction: A Key Perpetuating Factor in Pain in the Locomotor System

Core Training: The Importance of the Diaphragm

Modern Approach to Abdominal Training

Facilitating the Abdominal Brace

Abdominal Training: Putting it Together

Liebenson, Karpowitz, Brown, Howarth, McGill – Active SLR, Bracing, Stability


Work Wounds – Athletic Trainers Back Pain



The Role of Reassessment_ The Clinical Audit Process


Self-Help article for Pelvic Floor Training

Silverstolpe Phenomena & the Pelvic Floor


Book Review: Pr McGill- Low Back Disorders

The Importance of the Functional Examination

The Influence of Czech Manual Medicine: MLB Athletic Trainers Association

Vladimir Janda in Memorium

Janet Travell in Memorium


Faulty Movement Patterns as a Cause of Articular Dysfunction


By other Authors:

Hahne – Audit Process

Pain Neuromatrix by Ronald Melzack


Comparison of classification-based physical therap… [Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2003] – PubMed result

  1. Dr. Ryan Chow - U Are Not Fragile The Coach U Podcast 1:01:24
  2. Interview with Dr. Liebenson 21st Century Physio Podcast 58:15
  3. Interview with Dr. Liebenson Move Without Limits Podcast - Reload 35:56
  4. Donald Mull - Playing Within the Constraints Be A Better PT Podcast 44:08
  5. Interview with Dr. Ryan Chow The Coach's Playground 50:31
  6. Dr. Liebenson - The Motion is the Lotion The Coach U Podcast 1:17:29
  7. David Joyce, Dr. Craig Liebenson, & More - "Most Underrated & Most Overrated Method Or Exercise." Athletes Authority ON AIR 50:54
  8. Dr. Don Berry | Strength Is Life RAW with Marty Gallagher 1:33:22
  9. Stefi Cohen - Becoming A Master Of The Mundane Hybrid Unlimited Podcast 32:41