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The Functional Training Handbook


Contributions by Eric Cressey, Stuart McGill, Pavel Kolar, Ben Kibler, Sue Falsone, Michael Boyle, and many others. Accompanied by 3 new DVDs: Flexibility, Yoga Training, & Ergonomic Postural Advice DVD – Order from Amazon

Core Stability Training DVD – Order from Amazon
Functional Performance Training DVD – Order from Amazon

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Rehabilitation of the Spine, Second Edition, A Practitioner’s Manual

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Book Reviews

“This clinical resource presents the most current and significant spinal rehab information, showing how to apply simple and inexpensive rehabilitation in the office…. This manual achieves the highest rating of 10 out of 10 for current textbooks….” Reviewed by Kim D. Christensen. J Amer Chiropr Assoc 2006 Apr;43(3):14


“For any practitioner of whatever persuasion involved in managing these patients, this book should never be far from your side, as it is a invaluable resource and represents an evolution from  the first edition that truly represents contemporary practice for managing patients with spinal pain.” Reviewed by Peter Werth. COCA News. Newsletter of the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia. June 2006;10:16-17.

“a milestone in chiropractic textbook-literature. There is no way but giving it 5 spines out of possible 5.” Reviewed (in Danish) by Teddy Fohlmann.  June, 2006 in Kiropraktoren (a Danish Chiropractic journal)

“This book will be of value to anyone involved in back care (including trainees) and should occupy the frequently used end of their bookshelves.” Reviewed by Simon Paul. Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, 2006

“There is a tremendous amount of valuable information in this text…this is a very important book for the chiropractic profession and manual therapists…Go out and buy this book, learn the principles behind it, and you will see the results with your patients and subsequent growth in your practice… 10 out of 10” Reviewed by Mark King,  Dynamic Chiropractic, July 2006

“the lineup of contributors to the book is truly amazing. It witnesses a galaxy of academic stars whose contributions make the cost of the book seem very good value indeed…. The Management section is vast, comprising some 500 pages. Many of these pages are taken up with excellent illustrations. No stone seems left unturned….this is an excellent book and DVD. Definitely a five star must-buy book!” John Lange. Contact. Autumn,40; 2006,

“The influence of Lewit and the late Vladimir Janda permeate the book – with both of these giants participating as contributors. Their work, together with contributions from Cumpelik, Kolar, Pavlu, Veverkova and others, ensure that the Czech legacy is perpetuated…The text is extremely well illustrated with photographs and line drawings, but its crowning glory is a DVD, containing as it does a wide range of well illustrated assessment, rehabilitation and treatment protocols…. this is a magnificent text, and will become (as the first edition did) a classic.”Reviewed by Leon Chaitow. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy 10 (October):315-316; 2006.

The first edition ….has become a classic. The new edition…is wonderfully comprehensive and practical and will build further on that reputation. Reviewed by David Chapman-Smith. The Chiropractic Report. September 2006:20(5).

“…make space on your treatment room bookshelf or with your desktop references for Rehabilitation of the Spine…a thoroughly user-friendly text, which went well beyond my expectations.” Reviewed by Jonice Owens. California Chiropractic Association Journal, Summer 2006.

“a must in every chiropractors library.” Reviewed by Harry Jansson. Swedish Chiropractic Association LKR. 2006.

“Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Practitioner’s Manual is an absolute “must have” for all health care providers, academics and students wanting the latest information about contemporary approaches to spinal rehabilitation in clinical practice.” Reviewed by Wayne Minter. Journal of the Australian Chiropractic Association, June 2006.

“Rehabilitation of the Spine is an important work that should be read by all practitioners dealing with the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal disorders.” Reviewed by Daniel Redwood. Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 12:937-938, 2006

“This textbook is packed with practical information on the fundamentals of spinal rehabilitation…Dr. Liebenson has made an important contribution to the rehabilitation literature with this fine text” Reviewed by Michael Schneider. Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics, p685, 2006.

Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Practitioner’s Manual, now in its second edition, presents state-of-the-art strategies for optimizing functional outcomes in patients having spinal pain..Rehabilitation of the Spine is …an authoritative resource for the practicing clinician.” Reviewed by Bruce Barron. J Occupational Rehabilitation, 2007.

“The editor has gone to great lengths to remind the reader that spine problems are often psychobiological and respond to multidimensional rehabilitation programs…the book’s content and references are helpful for every level and specialty of practitioner who manages patients with spinal problems….it is refreshing to pick up a textbook on rehabilitation of the spine with so much focus on diagnosis, assessment, exercise, and psychosocial issues….The second edition of Rehabilitation of the Spine continues as a practical, readable, and helpful guide for both new and seasoned practitioners who treat patients suffering from spine problems. This text and DVD, are valuable resources that are not likely to gather dust on the shelf.” Reviewed by Stanley Herring. American Pain Society Bulletin 17;2:14, 2007.

“We likely all agree on the importance of the biopsychosocial and patient-centered paradigms when it comes to management of patients with spinal complaints. Similarly, few will dispute the importance of evidence-based practice. However, most of us have likely struggled with how to implement these paradigms into clinical practice. In my opinion, this text is by far the best example of how all these paradigms can affect our day-to-day approach to diagnosis and management of patients with spine-related complaints making this a must-have text for any clinician active in this practice area.” Reviewed by Peter A. Huijbregts. Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy, March, 2007 and, Orthopedic Division Review of the Canadian Physical Therapy Asssociation, 2007

The DVD adds a third dimension to the book…An amazing kinetic skeleton graphic further clarifies correct and incorrect movements…the reference works succeeds admirably with its purpose.” Reviewed by Debra Coglianese, Physical Therapy 87:479, 2007

“Many world renowned specialists have contributed to this book. …this book, the ‘bible’ of spinal rehabilitation, will be a prolongation of the success of Craig Liebenson’s first book…” Reviewed by Karl Devriese, BACKspace, Newsletter of the European Chiropractic Union August 2006 and March 2007

“This is an excellent text with ample illustrations, atlases, and a DVD to supplement the written material. It is a visually oriented text with a uniquely done DVD that illustrates normal and faulty movement patterns plus functional exercises. I would strongly recommend this text for every spinal rehabilitation practitioner.” Reviewed by Mark J Armstrong PT, DPT, MS, OCS, CSCS Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. 37:280-281, 2007.

“Craig Liebenson has achieved a milestone with the publication of the second edition of Rehabilitation of the Spine. He has brought together an illustrious assembly of contributors from around the world and provided a comprehensive coverage of the management of patients with spinal pain.” Reviewed by Nicholas Lucas Physical Therapy In Sport. 9:52:2008.

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