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FPM Roundtable

An exclusive online community for movement professionals who have completed select FPM programs.

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About the Program

The FPM Roundtable is an online community exclusively for those of you who’ve attended a live FPM course, completed our 4 month Mentorship, or completed our Precision Programming virtual program.

We know teaching individual seminars is not enough to implement what our faculty does. We want to link all the FPM cities together for Roundtable discussions sharing your successes & challenges with different populations & in different environments. The principles are scalable with our checklist approach. We want to help make the transition from transactional coach-client relationships to health coaching for life.

Besides a forum for sharing “wins” & “challenges” on our Chat you also get access to our unparalleled Resource Library (including recorded Cases from Craig & Ryan) and we hold monthly “meet ups”.


  • a live FPM course since 2020
  • participation in our 4 month Mentorship
  • or provisionally:

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To learn more or request to join, contact us.

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  4. Interview with Dr. Liebenson 21st Century Physio Podcast 58:15
  5. Donald Mull - Playing Within the Constraints Be A Better PT Podcast 44:08
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  7. David Joyce, Dr. Craig Liebenson, & More - "Most Underrated & Most Overrated Method Or Exercise." Athletes Authority ON AIR 50:54
  8. Dr. Don Berry | Strength Is Life RAW with Marty Gallagher 1:33:22