Cost of Muscle Wasting after the age of 30: Top 10 List

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We lose 1-1.4% of muscle mass/year & 3% of our strength/year starting at the age of 40. So by the time you’re 59 you start to have pain.

Top 10 David Letterman list of what happens

  1. You see a Doctor & they tell you that you have Arthritis & to just learn to live with it so you get depressed
  2. The Doctor says it’s “Wear & tear” which is ironic because you’ve been sedentary. So now you feel doomed  – it’s wear & tear so it’s a fait accompli – so you’re even more depressed
  3. They say if you can’t live w/ it we’ll give you pills. You start taking NSAIDs which ⬆️ heart disease 30-40%
  4. If you’re fed up w/ that you start doing passive things like P.T., acupuncture, massage. Treating the victims instead of the culprit which is a loss of muscle strength.
  5. You get more frustrated, anxious & you’re starting to catastrophize. You don’t know to do & you think every hurt = harm so you’re a nervous wreck.
  6. Now you’re getting desperate. Everyone  promises to fix it – you reach for experimental things like stem cells. Treatments with side effects like steroids & you’re getting more & more depressed.
  7. Next you’re getting scanned.  Nobody has addressed the fact that you’re weak.  That you don’t have strength. All they are talking about are the tissues which are the victims
  8. The next step is that they recommend surgery
  9. Now you turn 70 & since you’ve been losing muscle mass 8%/decade only treating the symptoms chasing the pain instead of the source of the pain now you have a heightened fall risk ⬆️ 400% likelihood of a fall.
  10. It doesn’t get any better. Since we’re talking about loss of muscle mass & strength this is muscle wasting or what’s called sarcopenia. You’re now 80-95 years old you’re frail. That’s what loss of muscle mass leads to.  A frail person loses their opportunity to be independent. Especially when they can’t squat. If you can’t get up & down from the toilet unassisted now you have to go to assisted living.

How do you fix & reverse this?

Good question. It’s simple.

30m/day of general activity – choose whatever you like – hiking, waking the dog, swimming , biking or yoga

& most importantly 2x/week resistance (strength) training

If those 10 things didn’t scare you enough about all the low hanging fruit of things we shouldn’t be doing that we are doing are new studies that shockingly tell us how simple this process is to reverse. In people over the age of 75 who are sedentary for over 2 decades. Which is over 1/2 the earths population -mind you – you can reverse this in 2-3 months of regular strength training. And yet nobody is f’in doing anything about this! Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Doctors, Orthopedists nobody – & the Emperor has no clothes – & it’s so simple – I am freaking out right now. I cannot believe it.

Simple to reverse

20-30 years of muscle wasting in 75 yo from inactivity can be reversed in 2-3 months of supervised training

This is >50% of earth’s population

No one is doing anything about this!

Emperor has no clothes.

So simple.



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