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Dr. Ryan Chow teaching in NYC.


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Miami – 1.8-1.9 – Sold Out

Washington D.C. – 4.2-4.3 – Sold Out

NYC (special 4-hour program) – 5.14 – Sold Out

Toronto – 6.25-6.26 – Sold Out

St. Louis – 9.24-9.25 – Sold Out

NYC (special 4-hour program) – 10.9 – Sold Out

Curitiba, Brazil – 11.19-11.20 – Sold Out

Sydney -12.3-12.4 – Sold Out

Melbourne – 12.10-12.11 – Sold Out



Miami – 2.4-2.5 – Sold Out

Albany – 3.25-3.26 – Sold Out

Vancouver – 4.29-4.30 – Sign Up.

NYCBuilding Functional Reserve 3.0 – 9.23 – Sign Up.

Washington DC & Los AngelesBuilding Functional Reserve 3.0 – TBA – Learn More.

China – TBA

Seoul – TBA


Verona, Italy – TBA

The safety and well-being of not only our attendees, but your patients, clients, neighbors, families, and friends in the communities we serve, is our top priority. We want to assure that no vulnerable people (elderly or those w/ co-morbidities – i.e obesity) suffer from COVID-19 as a result of asymptomatic transmission from anyone in our classes.

Never has that responsibility been clearer than it is now. That is why we are ensuring that all our host partners have 100% of the necessary procedures in place to employ stringent cleaning, air quality, social distancing & safety practices to support the health and wellness of all our course participants. This is our FPM Pledge.


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  1. Dr. Ryan Chow - U Are Not Fragile The Coach U Podcast 1:01:24
  2. Interview with Dr. Liebenson 21st Century Physio Podcast 58:15
  3. Interview with Dr. Liebenson Move Without Limits Podcast - Reload 35:56
  4. Donald Mull - Playing Within the Constraints Be A Better PT Podcast 44:08
  5. Interview with Dr. Ryan Chow The Coach's Playground 50:31
  6. Dr. Liebenson - The Motion is the Lotion The Coach U Podcast 1:17:29
  7. David Joyce, Dr. Craig Liebenson, & More - "Most Underrated & Most Overrated Method Or Exercise." Athletes Authority ON AIR 50:54
  8. Dr. Don Berry | Strength Is Life RAW with Marty Gallagher 1:33:22
  9. Stefi Cohen - Becoming A Master Of The Mundane Hybrid Unlimited Podcast 32:41