Variety of Movement from Matthew Berenc

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Changing directions (literally)
I love swinging bells, pressing them overhead, and going through different complexes, that’s no secret. The downside of doing movements we love is that sometimes we get stuck focusing on those singular exercises and ways of moving. In my case, that means moving predominantly forward back, up down, in the sagittal plane. That’s great for building strength but a resilient body needs variety, both planned and random.
Variety of movement allows us to be adaptable to different challenges and aids us in learning how to move or overcome obstacles. In a word it helps us be adaptable. This doesn’t mean everyday do something different or subscribe to complete randomness in your programming. You need repeat exposure to learn and build strength. Everything is a balance that comes from proper programming and planning (even if you are planning to introduce randomness).
This is one of my go to movements for breaking the pattern of sagittal movement. It feels good, it’s a bit of fun, and it blends well into the program. Some of the benefits include a medial load (mace head) helping me sit deeper into the position and the rhythmic nature of the 360 turn leading to the lunge building some bounce.
Find something that works for your program and help round out the directions you move in.
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