Efficient Loading Schemes from Matthew Berenc

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It’s no secret I’m a big fan of efficient programming. It ensures you can get the work done, fit it into your life (time constraints, life demands), and still match your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Ladders are a great example of efficient loading.
Ladders can be used for single exercises such as snatches or pull ups to build volume and work capacity while still staying a realm of strength (i.e. lower reps per set).
Another value to ladders is when they are used in a complex (movements strung together without putting the weight down). My complex links double swings to front squats to presses. Each individual movement happens at low reps and a weight that builds strength. As an overall system load, since I don’t put the bells down between movements, I work at a higher volume and build capacity/endurance.
At the top of the ladder, my squats experience 3 reps but my body performs 9 reps. This is not to take an isolationist approach to movement. Each exercise I perform the whole body is working but there are different prime movers. While everything is work (hence the overall system load) specific segments of the body bear more of the work at different times. This allows me to have a high output and consistent performance.
Create a complex (3-5 exercises linked together) and give some ladder work a try (3-5 rungs). Let me know how it goes.
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