Band Work from Matthew Berenc

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Just a little band work
Varying the stress we place on our bodies in training can come from many sources, increased load, volume, complexity, etc. Changing the tool we use can be a stressor of its own.
Working with super bands is a great way to with a variety of resistances but also speed/explosiveness. Bands allow you to explode out of the bottom of many lifts as the resistance is less, this allows you to build force from an advantageous position as you move into greater amounts of tension.
Bands also allow you to create a line of resistance other than straight up and down. Life pushes and pulls us from many different directions, training your body to resist and drive against multiple directions will help you become more resilient.
In this session, I played with a lateral pull while working lunge and single leg patterns. The cross body pull the band created made for an interesting demand on my movements, which shows up even more in the single leg squat. Here are the movements I did:
1️⃣Alternating lateral lunge – the fun part here is being forced to drive with the trail leg versus just focusing on the stepping leg.
2️⃣Curtsey lunge – the pull of the band helped load the hip even more to setup the drive
3️⃣Single leg squat – created a little lateral pull which forces the hip to work extra
4️⃣Warding lateral lunge – now you are creating some anti rotation through the upper body as you move into the pattern
If you have a band, find a solid anchor and give these a try!
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