Single Leg Training Session from Stephanie Pettersen

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3/4 Rounds on Right Leg Non Stop
Then change side

3/4 rounds on Left Leg Non Stop

Warm up
Single Leg Around Clock
With Tennis Ball

3 rounds Each Leg

Supported SL Sit Backs
Legs @ 90 degrees
Bodyweight 20 +

With Weight 8/12 reps

45 Degrees
Split Half Kneeling To
SL Standing
Bodyweight 20+

Add Weight 8/12 reps

Single Leg Hops
Bodyweight Only

20 reps +

Single Leg Kneeling
Sit Backs
Bodyweight Only

20 reps

Single Leg Step up
Bodyweight 20 +
Add Free Weight
8/12 reps

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