Simple 3 Bell Program from Matthew Berenc

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No matter the weight, your form & technique should remain consistent. It’s said, be able to make a heavy weight look light & light weight look heavy. Sometimes this requires practice & a great way to do that is by waving load from set to set. My goal, heaviest swings should look identical to my lightest swings.
This program builds in a natural load waviness as you progress. You need 3 kettlebells of different sizes & use a structure that has you complete the same movement for a larger number of sets, such as an EMOM.
Pyramid TGU – 1+1 rep at @ 24, 28, 32, 38, 24kg – You get 5 reps in per side & allows you to play with the heavier loads & transfer that feeling to the lighter ones.
12 min SA Swings EMOM – 10 SA swings at the top of the min for 12 min. Start w. the light KB & work your way up, alternating hands. It would look like 10 L @ 24, 10 R @ 28, 10 L @ 32, 10 R @ 24, and so on. In the end you get 20 reps per arm at each weight & a total of 120 reps.
This practice helps you dial in technique & also build your exposure to heavier loads. As you build capacity, shift the weight up and keep playing with waving the loads. If you don’t have 3 KB’s to work with, the mixed load approach can work with any equipment. Give it a try & let me know how it goes.
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