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What’s your plan B?
I’m a huge fan of having a plan B. A fallback strategy, a back up plan, or a just in case s#!t plan. It’s something I have in place when my original intentions don’t workout. This is no where more important that in training.
We know consistency is key to seeing results. It’s not one intense workout that gets you to your goal but a culmination of many workouts (and other things like nutrition and sleep) over time. Sometimes you don’t want to or can’t get in the planned program for the day. So do you have your PLAN B workout set? Have you intentionally thought about what this is and when you’ll use it? If consistency is important then we have to create plans that support it.
Your plan B workout should meet the following criteria:
1️⃣Quick to complete (less than 30 min)
2️⃣Comprised of exercises you know well (2-4 tops)
3️⃣Doesn’t require a ton of thought or prep (you can get going in 5 min)
4️⃣Leave you feeling great
5️⃣Nothing fancy
This is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s a good place to start. My plan B workout is always 10×10 kettlebell swings & 10×20 Indian club swings of varying patterns. That’s what I did tonight, I’m tired, it’s late and I just needed to get something in. That’s what consistency looks like for me, tomorrow is another day. So what’s your plan B?

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