Outdoor Workout from Diana Wang

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during this time of uncertainty, sometimes people need a little nudge to encourage them to stay active & optimistic. as the FPM community, we believe in lifestyle medicine & giving people positive experiences with movement to mitigate disease. craig asked me to share my post from IG today to maybe get the ball rolling on more content that simply acts as an example of how to be active even under the worst of climates. enjoy! #fpm

a little snippet of my workout today – had to get outside, breathe some air & take advantage of a rain-free day
full workout –
lunge holds 10sec + 5 pulses
lateral lunges 5x per side
push ups (MORE) 5x
repeat 3 times
(not shown)
pogo’s 10x
sprinter’s lean calf raises 10x
sprinter’s lean quick switches 10x
repeat 3 times
10 hill sprints + one half mile jog
i hate running but surprisingly, it was nice today
if you can, get outside & move!

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