“Movement Snacks” from Laura Latham

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Try these ‘movement snacks’ to spice up your work-from-home routine.
Tips: Pick a movement from the menu and perform for one minute (or more) at the top of every hour … There’s no magic to these specific movements and there’s no need to get crazy about technique . You can do all 8, the same one every time, or a new one each hour.
The benefits from these movements come from the intentional actof moving, breathing and allowing your mind , body and brain a break from the monotony of the work day. You may find it helpful to set an alarm on your phone as a reminder.
Overhead reach
Bruegger’s position
Shake it off
Deep squat
Standing cat/cow
Standing hip extensions
Standing pigeon
Toe touch
These are called ‘snacks’ because they’re meant to compliment, not replace, the main course of your movement diet.
Check our the video for each movement, some bloopers and some toddler pup moments too.

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