Kettle Bell Workout from Ryan Chow

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Working out at home with the Swiss Army knife of workout equipment – the kettlebell.

Over the coming days and weeks we at will be providing more education than we usually do in order to help us all deal with the reality of social distancing. It’s the right thing to do but that doesn’t mean we have to give up our fitness, performance, or rehab programs.

I am following suit with @strongfirst recent post outlining Pavel’s “Strength Aerobics” protocol:

1 clean, 1 press, and 1 squat with a moderately heavy kettlebell (28kg in this case) on the right side. Resting until comfortable. Then repeating the same on the left. I repeated this for 20 rounds (each round takes about 1 minute).

This is a very savvy but unorthodox way to work the aerobic system but also volume for strength work. I accumulated 40 total cleans, presses, and squats at a decent weight but never any fatigue. I was able to take on the 1 minute push-up challenge by @dr.joelipsky right after!

This type of programming is perfect for NYer’s who have no traditional cardio options at home. Of course it’s best to just run outside but this is another option for those who cannot tolerate running right now. For programming, I will do this twice a week. One day I will do around 20 rounds (low volume day). The other day I will do around 40 rounds (high volume day). For my runners, this is the same concept as going for long runs and short runs in a week. Each week I will try to raise the number of rounds on my low and high volume day by 1 or 2 rounds. This is progressive overload which leads to greater aerobic endurance over time instead of just random work outs. This type of training allows me at least 2 other days to lift heavy or do more intense or lactic work (met cons – “feel the burn”).

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