Hip Hinge Technique from Megan-Marie Delegas

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This isn’t a workout series but I think it can be a helpful visual for those learning the hip hinge. Context from the original post below:

This is one of the “bucket items” in a good workout program, whether it’s in heavy lifting, sports, or even in yoga. The difference between a hinge and a squat is primarily dictated by the joint angles of the hips and knees in the movement.
Hinges are a hip-biasing movement, where the hip leads and knee stays soft (as in video), whereas a squat is a relatively more knee and, simultaneously, hip biasing movement.
Don’t be surprised if you see hinges that are more squatty in appearance, at times. There are many variations. Above is a more clear example of one, however.
Some Benefits:

Glut strengthening

Back strengthening

Hamstring strengthening

Core strengthening

Athletic performance enhancer

Improved hip range of motion

Improved hamstring flexibility

Relative inhibitor of hip flexors

Coordination and control
Examples in life:

Brushing teeth or washing dishes over sink

Lifting child out of crib

Skiing and most other sports

Walking up hills

Half-way lift in yoga

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