Exercises for Healthy Aging by Hunter Crine

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Athletic Adults – confident in your bodies strength, unafraid to challenge it, and willing to try new activities without being afraid of injury. This is a journey , not a destination. It takes daily deposits to build the foundation and confidence to venture outside of your comfort zone. The mindset shift from “I don’t think I can do that” to “I will practice so I can do that” is life changing.
The most important determinant if you will adopt the habits to succeed is if you’re having fun.
Swipe to the last video for the fun 😊
Qualities all athletic adults need-
1. Pillar integrity (Glutes, Hams, abs)- Exercise shown – runners side bridge
2. Motor coordination , stiff arches
Shown – med ball March
3. Deceleration/ landing
Shown- 2:1 toe drop stick shift
4. Springy calves
Shown – pogo series
5. Anti rotation trunk strength
Shown – hover lunge chop
6. HINGE* – very important
Shown – SLRDL
7. Cardiovascular endurance
Shown – lateral shuffle :15 on / :30 off x 4
Kept it minimal equipment required, everything can be done body weight ** #firstprinciplesofmovement #beactive @cliebenson @reload.pt

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