Drop Squat Sequence for Warmup by Andy Chen

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One of my favorite ways to add some dynamic components to the warm up is going through a drop squat sequence that can also be catered to deceleration.
Depending on what the focus of the day is and what the rest of your workout looks like, you can change the factors to match the demands. This helps your body to slowly ramp up to the intensity of the workout.
1.) Drop Squat 2-to-2
2.) Drop Squat 2-to-1
3.) Pogo Jumps to Drop Squat
4.) Pogo Jumps to Single Leg Drop Squat
5.) Pogo Jumps to Split Stance(deceleration biased)
Pogo jumps can be done in place or they can actually be done side to side. Reactivity is given by calling out left, right, or drop. You can change the demands by going into a squat stance, single leg stance, or a staggered stance.
This will slowly ramp up the heart rate, put you in the positions that you will be training, and adds some ankle stiffness in the mix.
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