Circuit: Movement Prep to Power and Strength from Matthew Berenc

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Adding to the mix of scaleable programming with a circuit that can be quickly adjusted to meet any training level. It starts with a progressive movement prep leading into power and strength work. Do 1-2 rounds of the warm up, with 3-5 sets of 5 reps each of the circuit.

Each movement lends itself to a quick adjustment up and down the progression scale. Since most people are limited on equipment, all save for one exercise is bodyweight (an alternative is provided if you don’t have KB’s).

Movement Prep: Rolling Get Up Pyramid – this has you stopping at each key point of the TGU until you reach standing and then reversing the process. You can scale this up or down by choosing an earlier stopping point to go back down the pyramid. Going through the full movement sets you up for the coming program by prepping the patterns to be used.

1A: Counter Movement Split Squat Jumps – solid power drill and lend themselves to low volume. Keep the movement crisp and stick the landing. Scale it down by removing the jump, power out of the bottom without leaving the ground. Scale it up by adding a switch step, explode with the right leg forward and land with the left forward.

1B: Alternating “Gorilla” Rows – a great pulling option as it helps you build the bent over/hinge position and tee’s up a push/pull pattern. As you row with one arm, drive the other into the handle. Scale it down by removing the alternating or scale up by making it a true bent over row. An alternative to row if you don’t have KB’s is the wall pull or batwing. Drive the elbows into the wall and hold for 3 sec.

1C: Tempo Push Ups – push ups are a classic exercise that have a myriad of benefits, adding tempo to them just increases the challenge and forces ownership of the movement. Do a 3 : 3 : 1 : 1 tempo (3 sec down, 3 sec iso hold, 1 sec up, and 1 sec at the top). Scale it down with a 1 sec tempo on all phases, scale up by changing the up tempo to X (explode out of the bottom).

Have fun trying it out!

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