Bells & Bodyweight Programming from Matthew Berenc

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Combining kettlebells & bodyweight programming lets you explore the hard & soft sides of training. With bells you create a high level of tension, lock in your positioning, & move w. precision on the path to build strength. Bodyweight programming allows you to explore, introduce variability in moving through each pattern, & build a level of effortless (while still hard) movement.
Bodyweight flows following a heavy lift also creates an opportunity to relax & shake off the tension. Great strength & power is knowing when you need to turn the intensity dial to 10 & when you should keep it around a 5.
Strength Programming: 8 rounds of 3 reps
1️⃣Dbl 28kg KB Single Leg Deadlift
2️⃣Single Arm Overhead Press
*️⃣Keeping reps per set low & building volume through high number of sets means you can keep movement quality, be successful in your attempts, & (w. appropriate rest) avoid fatigue impacting output.
Bodyweight Flow Programming
3️⃣Part 1 – Side kick through ➡️ front kick through
4️⃣Part 2 – Ape reach ➡️ crab reach ➡️ beast reach
Two quick notes; there is no rule saying you have to deadlift from the floor. What’s important is that you stay in a range you can control. For me, at this weight, that means elevating the bells. My goal may be to get to the floor but I need to honor where I am now & build from there. Note 2, you can build a tremendous amount of tension in body weight programming, if that’s what you need. That’s the benefit of bodyweight, you can adjust output to meet demand.
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