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News and updates from Craig Liebenson, DC – author, educator, and director of L.A. Sports and Spine.

To Cue or Not to Cue

[Archive - April 22, 2012] When evaluating a patient or athlete is there a difference between testing their capability & their movement pattern? Put another way do we want to see what they are capable of or what they habitually do? Pr Janda wrote “During movement...

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Wisdom from Pr Janda

[Archive - March 27, 2012] “It is not so important whether the main emphasis is placed on muscles, soft tissues, chain reaction, or central nervous motor disregulation; what is crucial is that each treatment approach emphasizes the need to analyze and treat the whole...

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Function: Assess-Correct-Reassess

[Archive - March 29, 2011] Become part of a pan-professional referral network of providers committed to the functional approach by joining the International Society of Clinical Rehabilitation Specialists and How to use the  Functional Assessment to guide the rehab...

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Some Myths About Training Pitchers

[Archive - June 28, 2012] “The irony is that  which enhances performance also helps prevent injury” Who said this?? If we focus on stability before power we get both better performance and prevention of injuries.   As Gray Cook, PT says “move well, then move...

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  1. Lecture - Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Craig Liebenson 39:24
  2. Interview w/ Dr. Liebenson FTCA Podcast 1:25:34