First female Yankees hitting coach describes her long journey to the top

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Rachel Balkovec joined Dr Liebenson & our FPM community at last years 20th Anniversary EXOS meeting. As she says here my challenges “fortified my soul”. At EXOS she inspired the coaches & clinicians with her unique spin on topics like the growth mindset, arm care, breathing dysfunction, the importance of building a culture, & the why & how behind assessing & “tuning” our base of support.

For instance, Rachel shared with us that the key to a growth mindset is actually failure tolerance. She engineers team culture building drills where there is no embarrassment in failure. As a result after gritty practice repetitions task accomplishment results in team building chemistry.

Arm care was presented as a status quo dead end. Corrective exercises, resisted tubing training, etc all short-term “fixes” which miss fundamental sustainable solutions like addressing basic dysfunctions of breathing or the feet.

Similarly, in bucking the popular trends Rachel avoids hype surrounding breathing neuromuscular re-education by showing simple, basic methods for achieving impactful results.

Hopefully, we’ll have Rachel back this November 6-8 when FPM returns to EXOS.

Read more about Rachel from CBS News.


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