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Craig Liebenson, D.C.


Washington, DC

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Sep 27 2019 - Sep 29 2019





Optimal Performance & Reconditioning
2021 K Street NW Suite T-125 
Washington, DC 20006

***CEUs: Accreditation is being applied to for the APTA, NSCA, and ACA

From Marc Luko and Rekha Ayalur (Course Co-Hosts): 

Whether you are a trainer, physio, chiro, coach, or any other practitioner, you have probably had an experience where a client has come to you in pain and they were not quite sure what to do. 

To make it more difficult, you may also have been unsure of what to do or where to look for answers. 

There are no shortage of tactics, methods, or modalities, which only makes finding the right solution for your client that much more difficult. 

Despite the growing number of methods that seek to mystify, confuse and complicate how to best serve your clients, there are only a few key principles when it comes to rehabilitation and performance.

Methods change but principles do not. 

As engineer Harrington Emerson once said: 

“There are millions of methods and very few principles. Master the principles and you can learn any method.” 

If you are looking to learn and apply the fundamental principles that will allow you to serve any client that walks in to your practice, gym or office, then you need to join us September 27-29th, 2019 in Washington, DC. 

I am very pleased to announce that we will be hosting Dr. Craig Liebenson for part one of his four part series, “Prepare: From Rehab to Athletic Development: Best Practices”. 


Topics Covered

  • Develop an Agile Mindset for Sustainable Human Performance
  • The 4 Principles of FPM
  • Gamification
  • Steps of Training/Care
  • Movement Prep
  • Assessment and Training of the Torso
  • Functional Training of the Posterior Chain
  • Resiliency: Becoming Anti-Fragile 
  • Managing Load Tolerance 
  • Find the “Silent Killer”: The LASS profile
  • Spine Sparing Strategies
  • Developmental & Archetypal (Primal) Re-sets
  • Live Demo: Dr. Liebenson will perform live demo of principles learned in this course with an attendee 

Hear what others have had to say about their experience attending a First Principles of Movement course:  

Reviews From Previous Course Delegates:  

I first attended a seminar by Dr. Liebenson in Oct 2016 (and then again in 2017 and 2018), and it fundamentally changed the way I treat my clients, and how I network with trainers and health care professionals in my community. The course taught me a lot about the 6 fundamental human movements (squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, carry), and about effective coaching. This course is not focused on diagnostics or special tests. This is a course about building your confidence as a trainer or health care professional in the recreational gym and in the rehab gym in order to help your clients feel stronger, more resilient, and become independent. My take-away messages were: active care yields better outcomes than passive care, coach less and observe more, ask the client what they feel instead of cueing a perfect pattern, know when and how-much to load a person/ tissue and then do it often and in a progressive fashion. I love this series of courses with Dr. Liebenson because even as the expert in his field, he is very transparent about his continuous quest for learning, which makes for a fun discussion and exchange of ideas among the people who attend. You will walk away from the course with inspiration and simple but applicable interventions to try with your clients.

 -Doctor of Physical Therapy 

I first met Craig in 2016 when I attended his Part A course. As a trainer, I wasn’t sure if the course would be completely applicable to me – thinking it would be geared more towards rehab practitioners. Boy was I wrong! I walked in thinking I had a pretty decent understanding of human movement, movement patterns, and how to load my clients correctly. I walked away with a lot of “blanks” filled in. I learned the importance, as a trainer, of being able to correctly assess each client and individualize his or her training program. Additionally, I learned how to get my clients out of the “fragile” mindset and into understanding how quickly the human body can learn to tolerate load correctly. As a trainer, I think one of the most important sells is how you set yourself apart from the average trainer. Following this course, I not only have learned how to retain my clients longer by keeping them from injury, but I also get referrals from top physios and chiros who are looking to place their clients in a long-term training environment. In short, this course is a must for trainers who are looking to take their knowledge to another level and stand out in our industry! 

-Sports Performance Coach 

“Craig’s seminars are great fun! He lets you see and feel what he states about functional movement. This experience is essential for acquiring the necessary skills in order to successfully implement it into your daily practice. You can’t learn to drive by reading a book. Above all, the seminars leave with you not only another skill, they elevate your ideas about movement to a much higher level. The rehab you learned at school was kindergarten compared to the understanding you get from Craig’s lessons. He has gathered his knowledge by directly learning from the world’s biggest movement specialists. Craig provides you with an extra toolbox to restore natural movement patterns in addition to the segmental mobility/stability that we treat as chiropractors. The exercises, if customized well to the patient, cause immediate change, just like a manipulation can do. This motivates patients and it motivates you. For all the chiropractors who are afraid they don’t have the time to use exercises, it is possible to do a short analysis, intervention and recheck within 15 minutes. Of all seminars Craig Liebenson’s have attributed most to my ability to improve function in my patients. Go and see him!” 



Why attend?

This course is for trainers, coaches, and clinicians who want to:  

  • Retain your current clients  
  • Attract more clients that others have been unable to serve 
  • Become the expert who friends/family, clients and colleagues refer clients to  


  • Networking Event: Cocktail Hour After Day II

**Meet and talk shop with other like-minded practitoners from all over the world 

  • Kettlebell Performance Training Session with Rekha Ayalur, RKC Team Lead (8am on Day II and III) 

**Learn how to use kettlebells to improve results with your clients in the clinic and in the gym