Ryan Chow, D.P.T.


Ryan Chow, D.P.T.


Craig Liebenson, D.C.
Craig Liebenson, D.C.


New York, NY

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Apr 04 2020 - Apr 05 2020


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


$500 - $600

FPM – The Person-Centered Profile: Creating the Precision Program

A 2-day hands-on seminar to help put FPM concepts into action.


  • Learn the bigger picture and how to tie different systems & methods together efficiently
  • Gain confidence & agility working as part of a team by utilizing scalable principles’
  • Communicate more effectively by giving peopl what they need

What you will learn

  • The Clinical & Training Framework
  • CC. AI. MS. Painless dysfunction. Self Care (chief complaint, activity intolerance, mechanical sensitivity).
  • See how all the methods get plugged in
  • The ultimate “Pro Tip” or “Code breaker”
  • Master not only methods but the process
  • Gain trust through empathy, but also capture the floor to create a relatable & actionable plan
  • Why the key to efficiency is finding the floor which can be a moving target
  • How to find the “hardest thing you do well” nested to the person’s floor
  • How the why behind the what is “you’re only as strong as you’re weakest link”
  • Why people don’t improve with attacking things they are already good at (their ceiling)
  • Why finding and addressing the weakest link resolves each person’s functional bottleneck