First Principles of Movement


First Principles of Movement


Craig Liebenson, D.C.
Craig Liebenson, D.C.


New York, NY

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Oct 18 2019 - Oct 20 2019




Dr. Craig Liebenson is back at Performix House Oct. 18-20, 2019 for the 3rd First Princples of Movement 3-day Lab Immersion Experience in New York City.


Recovery is equally important in the rehab setting as in the gym. In both the clinical & training environments recovery is a pre-requisite for enhancing a person’s resilience.

Without recovery adaptation from training stimulus can not occur. Thus “recovery is the limiting factor”. In this Lab Immersion Experience we will guide you to bridging the gap from sport science and evidenced-based approaches to you’re practice, team or gym environment.

This course completes the series – Prepare, Train, & Recover, thus ensuring you’re ability to build programs designed to sustainably progress a person’s physical development.

Principles from high performance settings have stress-tested many of the innovations that inform 
– Rehab 
– Development of youth motor literacies & 
– Maintenance of health span as people live longer

This Lab Immersion Experience focuses on MOBILITY from the ground up by taking a Joint by Joint approach (including many techniques of Dr Karel Lewit & Pr Vladimir Janda from Prague).

Each area is taught in sequence following basic principles & a systematic process which helps you assimilate the techniques with GPP, & region specific rehab (ie tendonopathies).
Lumbar spine & pelvis
Thoracic spine & rib cage
Cervical spine

Manual Therapy & Self Mobilizations are integrated with other recovery methods such as breathing re-education, sleep, cryo, mindfullness, hydration, diet, threat management, load management, & work (aerobic) capacity (ie repeat effort endurance).

Special “key” areas requiring mobility are taught with extensive practical application
-1st MTP
– Hip
– Thoracic Spine


Friday Oct. 18, 2019 5-8PM

Saturday Oct. 19, 2019 12-6PM

Sunday Oct. 20, 2019 9-5PM