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Jan 25 2019 - Jan 27 2019



FPM Part B – General Physical Preparation

The First Principles of Movement (FPM) is a science-based lab immersion series by Dr. Craig Liebenson. FPM aims to arm specialists with an agile, scientific framework designed to stem the tide of the modern inactivity crisis. Attendees learn how to promote health span by applying universal principles and best practices stress tested in elite sports and patients with disabling chronic pain.

Dr. Craig Liebenson is a world renown leader in rehab and human performance. He is a sought after clinician, international speaker, author, serves as the editorial board for several scientific journals, and is the director/owner of L.A. Sports and Spine. Among his professional achievements are being the former team chiropractic physician for the L.A. Clippers professional basketball team, the first chiropractic board member for the McKenzie Institute, and author of The Functional Training Handbook and Rehab of the Spine.

Part B Course Outline – General Physical Preparation – How to create resilience and robustness to build a sustainable, anti-fragile approach return to activity and sport. Why the basic training elements are the key fundamental patterns for long-term development.

  • Learn the key movement patterns (squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, carry) and many highly effective progressions, regressions, and lateralizations that are universal to rehab and high performance.
  • Review the 4 principles of FPM which allows for integration of all different approachs and systems into a scientific and personalized (N=1 PRECISION) approach.
  • Give context on how to overcome modern society’s most common client – the overprotected (the pain sensitized person – Lorimer Mosely) and underprepared (It’s not the load that injures you but the load that you are not prepared for – Tim Gabbett). Dr. Liebenson will instruct on how to provide reassurance and reactivation to your patient/athlete.
  • Many demonstrations and instructions on the detailed craft of each exercise to ensure proper mechanics (without policing perfection!)
  • Instruction on how to bridge the gap between the Movement Prep and General Physical Preparation so that we can apply load as the best corrective in a safe and effective manner that focuses on a client’s specific goals.
  • LIVE CASES to see how the newly presented material is used by Dr. Liebenson and his faculty to apply the principles, assessments, and training to achieve efficient sustainable results.


Friday, January 25th 3-8PM

Saturday January 26th 9-5PM (Lunch 12:30-1:30 on your own)

Sunday January 27th 9-5PM (Lunch 12-1PM on your own)

Light morning refreshments will be served Saturday and Sunday. There are many food options local to the host facility. Please email for accommodation recommendations.

More about the First Principles of Movement course series and Dr. Liebenson

Dr. Liebenson and his faculty instruct internationally on the scientific principles for an agile, upstream approach to promote return to participation -> return to sport -> sustainable performance optimization. The coures series is based on methods stress tested by elite professionals and the ongoing research in sports science, neuro rehab, load management, pain science, and more. It will prepare to change ones paradigm from:

  1. Symptom-based to a focus on the source of pain in the kinetic chain

  2. Passive to Active (self-care oriented)

  3. Output-based to outcome-based – “its not about winning the exercise, its about winning the adaptation”

  4. A structural to a functional approach

  5. Silo-based to patient/athlete-centered approach

  6. Bridge the gap between rehab & athletic development

Attendees of the seminar will learn how the scientific framework is the key to efficiently integrating all the diverse methods and systems, thus enhancing one’s previous skills and knowledge instead of replacing it.

Who is this course series for?

Rehab professionals (physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers)

Coaches/Trainers (strength and conditioning, personal trainers, fitness instructors)

Physicians (Physiatrists, sports medicine, etc.)

Part C and Bridge the Gap between B-C dates will be hosted in NYC at dates TBD

What have past attendees have to say:

“I wanted to share this with you. I have a master’s degree in physical therapy, I am a chiropractor, and soon to be PhD. For most people, that should be enough education in the musculoskeletal field, no? Yet, your seminar left me with the feeling of a high school kid. I realize I know so little, and have so much to learn. But make no mistake about it: This does not leave me frustrated, but fuels my enthusiasm to become the best I can be. Bring it on! Thanks for your inspiration.

Luc Ailliet PT, DC

Team chiropractor RScanderlecht

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