First Principles of Movement


First Principles of Movement


Laura Latham, D.C.
Laura Latham, D.C.
Ryan Chow, D.P.T.
Ryan Chow, D.P.T.


Washington, DC

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Feb 22 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


$250 - $300

Bridge the Gap: Prepare 2 Train

A 1-day hands on workshop to help clinicians and coaches to create buy-in with new clients and get more efficient results

About this Event

Review the concepts & implementation of the PREPARE, TRAIN, & RECOVER programs

While the PREPARE, TRAIN, & RECOVER workshops cover the Science & Rationale or WHY of the series along with the craft, skill, methods or WHAT; the BTG programs emphasize HOW to integrate the course work in different environments.


1. The 4 Principles of Management – Reviewing

2. The Individualized Profile

3. The Scientific Method & Assess-Correct-Reassess

4. Movement Screen Practical

5. Case Management Problem-Solving

Learning Objectives:

-Learn the basics of creating a precision profile upon which to base person centered programming

-The FPM profile summarizes the individuals goals/demands/concerns and their current capabilities to achieve their goals

-Specifically, a needs analysis of chief complaint, activity intolerances, key performance indicators, yellow flags, past injuries, current or past treatments, competence to return to activity/sport, fitness level (ACWLR)

-Plus a relatable assessment of relevant functional capacity deficits, painless dysfunctions, and mechanical sensitivities

-Learn to bridge the gap in a personalized way from current capacity shortfalls to required capacity demands utilizing the scalable scientific principles taught in the FPM Lab Experience

– The essence of which is our commitment to identifying each persons profile & letting that drive our program

-Finally, learn the connection between preparedness and training

What you will leave with:

– In a nutshell you will learn how to apply the scalable principles in a precision way.

– You will learn how to problem-solve following the same step by step process used in our Case demos from FPM – Prepare

– Regardless of your environment- clinical, personal training or S&C – you will learn how to create relatable plans that achieve “buy in”

– Empower those you serve & work with by focusing on achievable goals & progress.

– Make progress more measurable, manageable, & relatable.

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Ambitious Athletics

2021 K Street Northwest, #T-125, Washington, DC 20006