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What Others Are Saying

The 18h FPM prepare recordings are amazing.

After having read Dr. Liebenson’s 3rd edition of Rehabilitation of the Spine this a perfect next step in the process of learning how to implement the principles in your practice.

Dr. Liebenson has never been more passionate and inspiring!

I wish FPM was there 17 years ago when I graduated as a chiropractor. But nevertheless, it’s never too late to learn. FPM has brought passion and opportunities to my work as a chiropractor, that I never thought possible.

Rasmus Hansen DC, Denmark

Very engaging, I’m enthralled immediately! Craig is a great presenter and I can see why these courses are so popular

Jena Chang

If you’re like me and LOVE working the trenches getting our community to move, engage in active lifestyles and excel in athletic pursuits… Get it quick and check this out.

High value care needs to be the norm!

Erik Pobre

Craig Liebenson’s courses have catalyzed the biggest change in my clinical practice for the past 10 years.

I have attended them live and this recorded online version offers just as great an experience. In some ways, it’s even better because you can rewatch it again and again to absorb all the details and nuances required.

This course gave me the tools and framework to help me transition to a more active approach to care. I cannot recommend it highly enough if you are interested in modern evidence-based musculoskeletal medicine and achieving the best results for your clients.

Alexander Tsang
  1. Dr. Ryan Chow | The Truth about Integrating Physical Therapy with Strength Training RAW with Marty Gallagher 1:37:01
  2. Interview with Dr. Don Berry High Performers Podcast 43:17
  3. Interview with Dr. Liebenson Ezen Inside Podcast 1:33:20
  4. Interview with Dr. Liebenson RAW with Marty Gallagher 1:44:17
  5. Dr. Ryan Chow - Integrated Cient-Centered Model Lee Taft Performance Podcast 39:38
  6. Dr. Ryan Chow - The Intersection Between High Level PT and Hardcore Strength RAW with Marty Gallagher | IRON COMPANY® 1:31:55
  7. In Conversation with Dr Craig Liebenson Australian Chiropractors Association Podcast 44:14
  8. How To Break The Barrier Between Two Worlds, Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Care | Ft Dr. Liebenson Hybrid Unlimited 1:34:40
  9. Strength Rehab, Chiro school, Injury Prevention & Recovery, Sleep, and More Strength Rehab Podcast 21:13
  10. Systems vs Principles w/ Dr. Liebenson Movement Fix Podcast 1:20:56
  11. Patient-Centered Chiropractic Medicine with Craig Liebenson Clinic Gym Radio 1:09:05