Join Coach Nicole & I explore Movement Fundamentals 

WHEN: Sunday, January 28


“Training is an investment not a purchase” Coach Nicole Rodriguez

“Find the hardest thing you do well that is linked to your goal” Dr Craig Liebenson

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Training Fundamentals – Coach Rodriguez & Dr Liebenson

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Join us as we

Identifying the starting point to: 
Movement Mechanics
Strength (knee dom, hip dom, rotation)
Coach Nicole’s coaching philosophy
1. Get trust and buy in (relationships)
2. Execute the game plan (programming)
3. Communicate simply: clear and concise
“Relatedness = Trust & Empathy. Simple things like eye contact and human touch can help bridge the gap.”
Human performance is not just for athletes but young & old, sedentary, weekend warrior & elite athletes. My philosophy is best summarized in Laird Hamiltons’ quote “that which enhances performance prevents injury”. I believe the key to a sustainable approach to activity is baking positive lifestyle choices/optionality into our environment. This epitomizes an agile, upstream mindset with minimal downside risk.
At LA Sports & Spine we say “function better to feel better”
As clinicians & coaches I feel it’s time we see the big picture of Exercise as Medicine.  My LASS Vision is expressed here –
  1. load management
  2. threat managment
  3. sparing strategies
  4. stabilizing
  5. S&C (GPP)
  6. power/skill (SPP)
 Location Specifics:
UCLA  J.D. Morgan Center Press Room
“The Press Room, located in the J. D. Morgan Center, is just East of Pauley Pavilion and West of the UCLA Store at Ackerman Union. Enter UCLA from Sunset Blvd. at Westwood Plaza. Drive directly ahead to the Parking Information Booth. Convenient parking is at the south end of LOT 4.”
Training gear needed: training attire, turf shoes, water bottles, snacks
  1. In Conversation with Dr Craig Liebenson Australian Chiropractors Association Podcast 44:14
  2. How To Break The Barrier Between Two Worlds, Rehabilitation & Chiropractic Care | Ft Dr. Liebenson Hybrid Unlimited 1:34:40
  3. Strength Rehab, Chiro school, Injury Prevention & Recovery, Sleep, and More Strength Rehab Podcast 21:13
  4. Systems vs Principles w/ Dr. Liebenson Movement Fix Podcast 1:20:56
  5. Patient-Centered Chiropractic Medicine with Craig Liebenson Clinic Gym Radio 1:09:05
  6. The First Principles Of Movement w/ Dr. Craig Liebenson Muscle Medicine Podcast 56:05
  7. Interview w/ Dr. Liebenson FTCA Podcast 1:25:34
  8. Lecture - WORLDZZ Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Craig Liebenson 39:24
  9. Interview with Dr. Liebenson Strength Chats by Kabuki Strength #85 57:18