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Steel clubs are a great tool to train with, they introduce a unique way to add stress to the body & create an opportunity for play. Using them explosively, you can create new ways to swing and integrate the upper & lower body. It requires focus on where you’re looking, how you’re gripping, getting into start position, and using breath to drive the movement. (hint: check out my last post).
Another key element is PREP. We’re not cars going from 0 to 60mph at the drop of a hat, a little warm up goes a long way. Helps your body be ready to accept the stress of training & prepares you to access the positions needed.
Movement prep comes in many forms and provides an extra bit of fun to the program. My prep for the steel club work is dowel hinges (two foot & kickstand) and 2lb indian club swings. These two drills help me own the beginning and end of the pattern to be trained, making it easier to tie together. Plus, they introduce speed at an even lower load before adding a 20lb club.
Whatever you do, make sure your prep work directly ties to the training to come; movement type, qualities, and characteristics.
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