Side Planks Progression for Running by Joe Lipsky

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The why behind the what
“A lot of people often fall in love with the exercises. I think a much more intelligent & strategic approach is to fall in love with the adapation. – Mathew Ibrahim
This is a really greate quote that Andy Chen shared a great quote with the Reload Health and Performance team the other day
This is how we view our training sessions. It’s not about the individual exercise it’s about what is this going to change in the people we are trying to help
How is this exercise going to prepare this athlete for the demands of life and sport
For example, how does doing side planks help with something like sprinting?
Running is about producing force forward, this means minimizing side to side and rotational movement. So, the main focus of side planks is controlling side to side (frontal / lateral movement). By improving our ability to hold a side plank it gives us the potential to control side to side movements more efficiently. Eventually we will need to add weight but if you don’t have any weights this is a great place to start.
Here are a progression of side planks to help you find the hardest thing you do well #firstprinciplesofmovement Craig Liebenson
If you have any questions let me know, and if you think you are faster let’s race. Hunter Crine and I are going to be racing again soon.

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