Push Up Thoughts… from Matthew Berenc

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Push Up Thoughts…
You don’t get more classic than a push up. A fundamental movement pattern that offers a wide variety of benefits; strength, movement quality, endurance, improved quality of life…
It’s also an extremely scalable exercise, meeting the needs of the most novice to the most advanced lifter. No matter where you are on your training journey there’s an appropriate starting point. The most important thing to do is find the right one and then map your progressions from there.
As you move up the chain, more skill, strength, and ability, you can apply the principle of variability. It doesn’t have to be a linear path to just making it harder but a winding road introducing different types of stresses. That’s where it really gets to be fun, your creativity can shine in how you challenge one of the most fundamental of movements.
Here’s a quick list of progressions and variations you can apply to the push up. Many many more options exist. I could do another whole post with other ideas if anyone wants. But, I would rather see what you come up with. If you post your own push up variation, tag me so I can learn from you!
🎥1 – Baseline: no frills, just a regular push up.
🎥2 – Plank variations (ultimate starting point): Teach the body to own the top position AND the bottom position by creating tension
🎥3 – Hands Elevated: the higher the hands, the easier and just work your way down
🎥4 – Eccentric Only: learn to control yourself down
🎥5 – Baseline (just putting it in order)
🎥6 – Single Foot Elevated: adding an anti-rotation stress
🎥7 – Feet Elevated: allows you to load more into the hands
🎥8 – Progressive Variety: Knee Drive, Archer, Reaching (each adds its own unique stress)
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