Progressive Hip Hinge Training from Keita Minakawa

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The hip hinge describes the movement that you see in a deadlift, where the hips bend by traveling forward and back as opposed to up and down. Unlike the squat, there is less involvement of the knees and therefore allows you to focus more on the posterior chain. This video demonstrates how to progressively train your hip hinge.

  1. Kneeling to tall-kneeling: a very simple way to learn the hinge. I like to imagine a band around my waist that’s pulling me forward as I go up, and pulling me back on the way down.
  2. Waiter’s bow: once you feel comfortable with the hip hinge on the ground, you can start practicing from a standing position. Stand a few feet in front of a wall with your feet about hips width, and just aim to touch your butt to the wall. Get your arms next to your ears as you hinge back and stand as tall as you can at the top. Try holding the bottom position and taking some deep breaths if you’re feeling tight.
  3. Kettlebell Deadlift: this is a great place for anyone to learn how to deadlift. Place the bell between your feet, grab the bell, pull your chest up, screw your shoulders into your armpits (for shoulder stability) and drive your legs into the floor. Your hips should initiate the movement on the way down (butt goes back), so think back to everything you did up to this point to work on that hip hinge. Feel free to stack yoga blocks, books or whatever if you are not comfortable pulling from the ground straight away. Work your way down as you build up your strength and confidence

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