No Equipment Gamification Workout from Matthew Berenc

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No Equipment, No Problem! – Games and Environment
When you have no equipment to work with, you need to look for different ways to increase the challenge of what you are doing. Two ways to do that is GAMIFICATION and ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN!!!
Gamification simply means to make a game out of what you are doing. Set some rules so you know the boundaries, establish the challenge to overcome, and then figure it out. As long as you stay in the rules of the game, you’re good. This helps make even the most basic exercise engaging and at time entertaining/fun. Ultimately that’s what we want, to be fully invested in what we are doing to make sure our focus is 100% and to like what we are doing in the process, which keeps us coming back for more. Beyond that, working within the game forces you to be creative with solutions. You figure it out to meet what you can do and it keeps you from going too far, too hard when you can’t control it.
Environmental Design means setting up the exercise or the space you are training in to reinforce what you want to do. It sets you up so you have no choice but to do it correctly and if you don’t, you have to start over. This keeps you working within your functional range for any movement. It also sets you up to just do it, you don’t have to think as much because the environment is forcing you to do it a certain way.
Enter the tennis ball. A simple tool that most people have but ups the challenge of my crawl, plank, and quadruped position. To rules of the game is don’t drop the ball. If you do, you start over (as you see in the last video). By having to place or hold the ball in the same spot, I’m forced slow down and control the movement more. All of this increases the challenge while allowing me to have some fun.
See what games you can make and what fun you’ll have. Enjoy and get creative!
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