Mixed Workout from Jordan Seda

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Hey ! I’ve seen so many great workout options on social media. People have really stepped up and I hope that many of you have taken advantage of the skilled programs out there!
Here is what I cooked up this time :
Planks With Toe Touch (3×10)
Vertical Jump with Half Jump (3×5)
Curtsy Lunges (3×10)
Stiff Leg Deadlifts (3×10–12, depending on weight and depth)
*I was limited by curb width here
Reverse Nordic Curls (3×8)
Am I missing any of your favorites? Feel free to share below. Continue to #beactive !
I was so grateful to have met @luizcribeiro on Sunday while teaching Kinetic Revival at The Vessel! We didn’t make the newspaper, but the pic looks great .

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