Kettlebell Programming from Matthew Berenc

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Kettlebell Programming – Power & Strength
Working w. bells provides a great opportunity to work both power & strength. This comes from the movements & the loading schemes you use. I’m a big fan of schemes that allow you to get volume & higher intensity, all while managing fatigue. One of my favorites is continuous singles.
Continuous singles has you work one side at a time alternating reps, left and right, for the desired number in the set. This does create a systemic fatigue since the whole body is still working however you’re able to drive some short recovery for the specific sides/muscles being worked. If for example you can’t do 5 reps of a press, you may be able to do 5 singles alternating your right and left arm. It creates a different demand on the body & allows you to build strength.
This program allowed me to play with my new @kettlebellkings bells (which felt great). I used 2 16kg KB and a single 28kg.
1️⃣Warm up: 1+1 TGU to a kickstand deadlift x 5 reps per side (no rest, just alternate between the two movements)
2️⃣Power: Progressive Dbl Snatches (swing, high pull, snatch) x 3
3️⃣Strength: Continuous Singles of 28kg Clean, Squat, Press x 3 alternating left and right
4️⃣Active recovery: Scap pull-ups (not shown)
This felt great, didn’t take a ton of time, and I was able to manage a fair amount of intensity. Give the continuous singles a try and see how they feel in your movement of choice.
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