Kettle Bell Swings, Squats, etc. from Ryan Chow

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Another at home workout. This one is just 6 minutes. Use a lighter weight to scale for beginners. Rest 10-15 min and repeat if you’d like more work. Use that time for mobility drills.

Toughest single set I’ve ever done.
By @coach_darius
Make sure you have sound on
Time Under Tension – Swing/Clean/Snatch Complex. 6 min. 22kg. Don’t put the kettlebell down until the whole thing is done. Going for 24kg next week.

  1. 1 Arm swing x 30 sec. R/L
  2. Suitcase March x 30 sec. R/L
  3. 1 Arm racked squat x 30 sec. R/L
  4. Racked March x 30 sec. R/L
  5. 1 arm snatch x 30 sec. R/L
  6. Overhead March x 30 sec. R/L

6 min total work
Last video is part of our warm up. Coach Darius is one of the best! Worked us but felt great after in just 45 min @dr.joelipsky @dr.gary.dylan @hunter_crine @nnsshhoopp @ginadhahn @jvastolajr @coach_scott_fox

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