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GPP- Carries: carrying a heavy weight is very effective for building strength throughout the entire body. Marching is another great option that allows you to train leg separation- one knee goes up as the opposite leg extends into the floor. You can also focus on different areas of your body based on the carry/march variation. I’ve given 3 examples here, all of them done with the weight on one side to challenge the body in the frontal plane.

  1. Suitcase Carry: keep hips and shoulders level throughout and let the weight pull your arm down to the ground. This variation is not only great for your sides but also for your lower and mid traps as they work to keep your shoulders from going up into a shrug. This is really important for keeping tension away from the neck area.
  2. Rack Carry: great for building strength in the rack position, which we know is useful for a lot of things. I can’t remember how many countless times I went through a subway turnstile while holding groceries in the rack position! Think about pulling your elbow down into your ribcage for maximum shoulder stability.
  3. Overhead Carry: the most advanced variation out of all 3, as it requires proper overhead mechanics. Your arm should be right next to the ear with your elbow locked out throughout (work those triceps). We also don’t want the weight to pull our wrists back into extension- if anything, your wrist should be slightly curled in so that there’s more tension in your inner forearm.
    You can progress your carries over time by switching up the variation or increasing the weight/time/distance.

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