Bodyweight power endurance from Joe Lipsky

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Bodyweight power endurance from Carmen Bott!
Highly recommend everyone going to her website and checking out all the incredible free resources she has been putting out.
The best programs are often the simple ones that make being consistent easier. The power endurance program has been exactly that.
As Craig always teaches from Altis, “if an athlete is able to execute over 80% of their training sessions they are more likely to reach their performance goals.”
10 minutes:
Each round choose 1 type of jump 5 times. Choose a different jump each round
1) Tuck jumps
2) split jumps Left
3) split jumps right
4) squat jumps
5) pogo jumps
90 seconds rest between each round. The rest time is key here as you want each round to have quality reps.
If you want to jump higher.. do it next to someone or virtually..

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