Bodyweight Plyo + TUT Workout from Jean Pierre

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Here’s a Bodyweight Plyometrics + TUT (Time Under Tension) Workout for you!?
?Warm-up before starting your workout
?Plyometrics: 60-90” rest btw sets – 3’ rest before moving to the strength circuit
✅2×5 NCM Linear-Vertical Jumps – have a dead stop and a dead start for each jump
✅2×5 CM Linear-Vertical Jumps – think rapid descent followed by an immediate rapid ascent
?TUT Strength Circuit: 3x sets – 30” rest btw exercises – 2’ rest btw sets
✅4x S.Leg RDL – 5-2-5 Tempo
✅3-5x Push-ups – 5-1-5 Tempo
✅4x Split-Squats – 5-1-5 Tempo
✅45-60” Prone Skydiver – ISO Hold
‼️‼️ The NCM jump is technically not a Plyometric, though I use it as an “entry levels” Plyometric as it coaches you to take off and land
?For any questions use the comment box below
Happy training

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