Adding Variability from Matthew Berenc

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Adding some variability
Part of play is exploring patterns that may not be the norm for you or that you haven’t trained in a while. The benefit of adding movement variability is an increased tissue resiliency and adaptability to challenges. If you stick to only one form of training or one plane of movement, ignoring the others, you risk losing the ability to move in the others. And when you need to call upon them to overcome an obstacle, you may find yourself stuck.
For today’s program, I took 10 steps out of the garage to train in the alley. Even a subtle change of environment can help reinforce variability and open up ideas for new training options.
➡️1st Movement: ISO Split Squat with Mace Chop Lift – great static lower body challenge while the upper body driving rotation
➡️2nd Movement: Alternating ViPR Skaters – I don’t often move explosively in the frontal plane, this creates both a force production and control challenge for the hips
➡️3rd Movement: Banded Mace Row with Shift – Adding the shift out to the side increases the leverage of the row and the challenge of the band pull. This also increases the rotation challenge on the whole body.
Look at your current program, see if there is a common theme to how you are moving. If there is, try to add some variability to movement direction. This can be in your warm up or in a finishing “play” circuit. Enjoy!
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