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“Practical-patient oriented material that empowers healthcare practitioners with progressive clinical steps for improved outcomes.  Your work for the profession is admirable and greatly appreciated!”

Deane Studer, D.C.

“I realize i know so little, and have so much to learn. But make no mistake about it: this does not leave me frustrated, but fuels my enthusiasm to become the best I can be. Bring it on!!! Thanks for your inspiration.”

Luc Ailliet

PT, DC, Team Chiropractor Rscanderlecht

“Very motivational and informative for all the right reasons, especially creating patient independence…brilliant to be part of what is leading the truth about movement, forward!”

Jacob Steyn


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Reviews from FPM Courses

“To witness the diagnosis and exercises Dr. Craig Liebenson prescribed to his patients, I was truly impressed by two things:
1. Dr. Liebenson was able to use and prescribe the same exercises he taught in FPM to solve actual sophisticated problems;
2. Without too much of manual therapies or rigid commands to the clients, he was able to conduct the treatment under the “minimal passive interference concept”, to create a positive movement experience to his patients and encourage them to start exercise on their own.”
Jackie Zhang
Alpha Training Lab 

“I don’t know if people realize how unique and valuable your ability to really “cut to the chase” is for the various temporal and discipline spanning elements that lead to successful outcomes. Thank you for encouraging students to think, not follow a protocol. 30 years in I suppose I have most of the background; reading and fumbling with Lewit and Janda application in chiro school, MDT, McGill, DNS, Cook, Butler, Moseley, Louw, Weingroff and on…. that allows me to appreciate what you have put together here. 
I share this often with my associates: “Methods are millions principles are few. Master the principles & you can utilize all methods””
Brian Morrison, D.C.
Adjunct Faculty
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Center for Integrative Medicine
President, Clinical Director Morrison Chiropractic

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this amazing experience possible! extremely grateful and beyond excited for the future. see everyone soon.”
Elisabeth Pang

“I have seen you speak a few times in winnipeg and just to let you know it just keeps getting better. thanks again had a great time.” – Judy Chester
“Love the passion you have!” – Jamie Robertson, PT
“I wanted to share this with you. I have a master’s degree in physical therapy, i am a chiropractor, and soon to be PHD. For most people, that should be enough education in the musculoskeletal field, no? Yet, your seminar left me with the feeling of a high school kid: I realize i know so little, and have so much to learn. but make no mistake about it: this does not leave me frustrated, but fuels my enthusiasm to become the best I can be. Bring it on!!! Thanks for your inspiration.”
Luc Ailliet PT, DC
Team Chiropractor Rscanderlecht
“Thanks for the excellent seminar/workshop!  Practical-patient oriented material that empowers healthcare practitioners with progressive clinical steps for improved outcomes.  Your work for the profession is admirable and greatly appreciated!  I will encourage my colleagues to attend your seminars.”
Deane Studer
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great work that you do.  You are an inspiring teacher and coach for myself as a part of the S & C as well as the coaching communities. The passion with which you approach your work is phenomenal.”
Sean Bur
“Very motivational and informative for all the right reasons, especially creating patient independence…brilliant to be part of what is leading the truth about movement, forward!”
– Jacob Steyn, DC
 More reviews organized by course:
I really wish to thank you for your knowledge and wisdom!
You have inspired me a lot with your passion and you gave me a new perspective!


Ad astra per aspera! Craig Liebenson
 Claudia Natalini, Rome, Italy
It was an honor.. Thanks for all Prof!! Fantastic course in Rome!!!
Valerio Cardin Rome, Italy
Craig, it was a pleasure learning from you, I like your style
“in millions saw the apple fall, but newton was the one that has asked why”.
(Bernard Baruch)
Thanks for all Craig Liebenson
Sometimes to see farther than you have to climb on the shoulders of giants…
The Giant is the prof. Craig Liebenson
Antonello Monno Bari, Italy
Thank you all for the beautiful day and for the efforts made because it was all this possible
Thank you again for the great course over the weekend – was very eye opening and rewarding. A lot of great information was distributed.
Thanks again – it was a wonderful learning experience
Stacey Lenhard

“Thanks for the course: knowledge and great personality on the highest level! I am practicing the exercises you teach. Feels great! Since I can engage my core, the ball flies longer AND straight” – Markus Sugg, MD Germany


“Thank you Craig, reconsider some old dogmas,  inspiring lecture” – Kestutis Laurinskas S&C Coach Lithuanian Olympic Team


“One the best courses I have ever inspiring and revolutionary! I have learned so many new things and you also opened my mind to a different point of view ! Yesterday at my clinic was great, at the beginning I was completely lost with my first patient as I did not know where to start from but then everything I saw with you came back in my mind and it was amazing how I approached the patients! – Christian Tonanzi, DO Rome, Italy


“Thanks again for the inspiring course! This course is a must for Every sport physical therapist! – Marsha Westerhof, PT Dutch Olympic Track & Field Team

 “Thank you very much for the great seminar! I loved every bit of it.” – Joyce de swart, PT
“Feeling mighty fortunate after this week, learning from master instructor Craig Liebenson. The most stimulating educational experience I’ve had in a long time.” – Nick Sams, DC Montana, USA
“I have such crazy hamstring DOMS, its fabulous! Play hard or go home. Thanks for a great workshop, I am very inspired.” – Kathryn Dian, DC Scotland
“He keeps inspiring. It’s my third time and I still learned new things… I’m already looking forward to the next course…it’s now 3 day’s since the course… I had some exceptional results! The thing that made a huge difference is the shift from passive treatment first to active treatment first. The effect on the patient to see the immediate result is overwhelming! Thanks again!” – Roel Jacobs, PT Belgium
“Thanks Craig Liebenson for the new knowledge, you just make me eager for more!!” – Nina Radmilović, PT Holland”Indeed, what an injection of knowledge and useful information! Thanks Craig Liebenson!” – Anton Ghys, PT Belgium”
I have been implementing your course daily. The impact of assessing, assessing and some more assessing has been huge and after treating the DN’s  David Copperfield-style, I’ve stumbled upon some rather befuddled faces. Thanks for the great course, – Jasper De Coninck
“Craig’s seminars are great fun! He lets you see and feel what he states about functional movement. This experience is essential for acquiring the necessary skills in order to successfully implement it into your daily practice. You can’t learn to drive by reading a book. Above all, the seminars leave with you not only another skill, they elevate your ideas about movement to a much higher level. The rehab you learned at school was kindergarten compared to the understanding you get from Craig’s lessons. He has gathered his knowledge by directly learning from the world’s biggest movement specialists. Craig provides you with an extra toolbox to restore natural movement patterns in addition to the segmental mobility/stability that we treat as chiropractors. The exercises, if customized well to the patient, cause immediate change, just like a manipulation can do. This motivates patients and it motivates you. For all the chiropractors who are afraid they don’t have the time to use exercises, it is possible to do a short analysis, intervention and recheck within 15 minutes. Of all seminars Craig Liebenson’s have attributed most to my ability to improve function in my patients.  Go and see him!” – Jan Jonk, DC  Holland
“Thanks again for all the great stuff. Of all the classes that I have taken, nobody has ever provided so many resources.”
— Brian Mock, DPT – Pitttsburgh PA
“Thank you for a thought-twisting course in Odense. I had a patient with grave postural and breathing problems. I taught her a few of the exercises we learned and she looked in my mirror and exclaimed: “Oh, I am good looking now! I didn’t know I could look this way and have this good posture. And I feel no difficulty breathing. Could it be only through these excercises?”
I hope to be able to attend more of your courses.”
— Susanne Nordell, P.T. at Örestadskliniken in Malmö, Sweden
“Thanks Craig. It was a great course. I have been using a lot of the exercises this week with my patients and getting great results, not to mention, my own gluts are performing so much better. Thanks for the inspiration!”
—Lisa Paradiso, P.T. San Francisco, CA
 “Had a great monday after the seminar! Looking forward to working in all the Craig Liebenson seminars and highly recommend !!”
“Great Weekend made for an even better Monday at the office!”
 “Such a great educational experience. I appreciate the opportunity! Thanks to all who made it possible.”
 “What a weekend! I was so fired up last night I had trouble sleeping”
“Thanks for an awesome seminar, I’m extremely glad to have made it over and be inspired as well as to learn from someone as knowledgeable as you. You are a great teacher and I admire your humility. You also inspired me to start using DNS again.”
Guy Murray, Scotland
“Thanks for a great weekend. I was able to implement assessment and corrective strategies immediately this A.M. that made a difference both my patient and I could see and experience.”
Robert “Skip” Georege, DC San Diego, CA
“Thank you for the great seminar! Now, I understand more how to functionally check the patient’s condition. A bonus is that you teach an evidence-based-approach.”
Naoki Sakakibara, D.C., Nagoya, Japan
“Thank you once again for an incredibly informative and practical workshop.”
Russell Therrien
“Thanks for the fantastic work you do.”
John Rizzo, D.C.
“I personally admired your professionalism in your presentation and your answers.  My patients will receive better care in the future because of what I learned this weekend.  Thank you.”
Kathryn Hodges, DC
“Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar this past weekend & all that you do for the profession.  We NEED more DC’s like you…..and this course really helps!”
Joe Olivacz
“Thank you for a great weekend… new & exciting ways to assess & correct.”
Brett Coapland
Very kind words Craig. It has been so refreshing to hear Janda s and Lewit’s work being integrated into current rehabilitative concepts. thank you and look forward to the rest….
Another cup of Craig´s morning coffee ?
I’m after a day of eight hours, completely exhausted…
Years I longed for vojtovi information, I was afraid to hurt his fellow, and yet so much needed.. Science, learning, knowing, that chance…
.. Today is over.
Prague school’s Athletic Development. And name lewita, jandy and vojty is proudly, look forward and hope in life for what will be.
I’m part of this absolutely amazing group of therapists and finally – baby Prague rehabilitation school.
And I’m proud of it.
We won’t forget…
 Thank you to everyone for making this weekend so thought provoking and enjoyable.
Craig, thank you for the amazing 3 days, we learned a lot, thanks to shear you’re idees and experience.
Thanks Craig Liebenson for the new things you learned us, hopefully you Come back to Holland in the future!
Joyce de Swart
Day 2 of the course! Crushed again by the knowledge of the 2 guru’s Craig Liebenson & Henk Kraaijenhof


“I would like to say thank you very much for a really inspiring weekend! This has been the best seminar I’ve attended. Very happy.”
Eirik Kaspersen
“I had a great pleasure to attend your CPD seminar on AECC last weekend. Thank you for a super seminar. I have learned a lot and immediately started to implement some of the things in my clients training sessions. The response and results are super positive.”
Tomislav Jurak, Croatia
“Very motivational and informative for all the right reasons, especially creating patient independence…Brilliant to be part of what is leading the truth about movement, forward!”
Jacob Steyn, DC
“Nicole and I really enjoyed this week end and learned a lot of great information! My gluts are killing my this morning!”
Rob & Nicole Murray, DC
“Janda and Lewit and Kolar, oh my! Thanks Craig Liebenson for another jam packed awesome weekend sharing your knowledge on Rehab of the Athlete.”
Hal Rosenberg, DC
“Great Weekend!”
Justin Dean
“Another Amazing Course with Craig Liebenson! Can’t wait till November”
Mychal Manning, PT
“I’ve been using all the new stuff this week and it is great. So much fun !!
Thank you”
Lisa Paradiso, PT
“Thank you so much for the seminar last weekend. I was the young guy that got you to sign the book. I have had two chronic pelvic pain cases for the past six weeks that I had made very little progress on. I started working with them on Monday with some of the things we went over and they reported to me today that they feel better then they have in years. One was even in tears. Thank you so much again for this training and evaluation process. I can’t wait to learn more.” 
Dr. Joshua Healy
“Craig, thanks so much for great seminar. The schedule was unusually light this morning which ended up creating a wonderful opportunity for Russell and me to practice the Magnificent Seven Test. I ended up recognizing some new things on patients that have been seeing me for years. It was great to see people leaving very happy and actually excited about their “homework.””
Ronda Sharman, DC – Maryland
“What a GREAT weekend of learning! Thank you Dr. Liebenson for sharing, educating and empowering us!! The Rehab Renaissance is here!!”
Christina Smith – Alexandria, VA
“Thank you Craig for such a great learning experience! I can’t wait to start putting people to work.  I look forward to seeing you at some of your other courses in the future!” – Christine Wojciechowski, Maryland
“Awesome workshop” La Saun Taylor, RKC – VA
“Had a great day learning from the rehab guru” – Chip Bleam, D.C. – Maryland
“We were blessed to learn from you!It was such a great pleasure to attend your seminar this past weekend in Toronto. I was truly inspired thank you so much for all you do for our great profession!”  – Kathy Dooley, DC
“The seminar was educational and inspiring. I love the concept of forgetting about the reps and concentrating on form/function and just doing it.” – Tobias Chung
“What a great weekend! Rehabilitation of the Athlete definitely opened my eyes to changes that need to be addressed both as future clinician and a S & C coach. Thanks for such an amazing seminar!!!” Jas Randawa
“The principles and methodologies are so inspiring that I just can’t stop learning!” – David Wu
“Thanks for putting on such an amazing seminar this past weekend! It was inspiring and educational.” – Jennifer Lau
“Thanks very much for your honest and authentic presentation this weekend.” – David Gryfe
“It was a pleasure to learn from you. I believe this is just the start for me with all the amazing things you have brought to life from your written material to seminar form. For someone that has so much knowledge and experience you are extremely humble and helpful, which I’m sure everyone is hooked on.”
– Monica Chada
“Hands on, practical, and highly applicable to those who work in the field of rehabilitation. The term “functional” continues to redefine itself the more I learn.” – Ricky Singh
“Thanks for coming to toronto, It was another great day of functional rehab” – Shawn Engell
“Great class” – Kris Padman

B Course  Toronto Oct 27,28 2012

“Thanks again for the great seminar you put on for all of us in Toronto this weekend. It was extremely motivating and helped me to integrate tons of clinical/functional concepts together.”
Kevin D’angelo
 “Thank you Drs. Craig Liebenson and Jason W. Brown for a very informative weekend! The Rehab Continuum – Stability to Performance from Head to Toe definitely had loads of valuable tools that can help Doctors assess and correct dysfunction. I’ll be using the information that I learnt over the weekend on my patients tomorrow!”
Eric St-Onge
“Another amazing event! It’s exciting to be a part of stuff like this. It’s really about the people paving the way. Thank you for guiding and inspiring …. It’s a privilege to be able to have you as a knowledge reservoir!”
” Awesome time with Dr. L. Helping us to be better stewards of the locomotor system. “
“Amazing class with amazing people” Lino Pascuale
“Thanks so much for an awesome weekend of learning. Cannot wait for Monday to apply. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing learning community.” – Danielle Damelio
“I learned so much this weekend! I feel so grateful to be part of this group! Craig, Karel is smiling tonight!” – Maria Perri
“I continue to learn and grow each time we meet to study.  Karel is smiling! Outstanding program…
Karel would be so very pleased with how your are continuing to share and teach his message of function!” – Pamela Wilson
“Soooo much fun to work with this group. The depth of knowledge is a challenge to measure, it’s enormousand wonderful to dip into.” – Vincent Brunello
Bridge the Gap
“Great seminar by Craig Liebenson this weekend in Seattle, Bridging the Gap Update. Love learning about “proximal stability for distal mobility”! Great seminar! Thanks Craig Liebenson for sharing your wealth of knowledge this weekend!” – Allie Dash
“Proximal stability for distal mobility. Always a great course with my mentor Craig Liebenson.” – Justin Dean
“More great paradigm shifts with Dr. Craig Liebenson” – Raymond Sue
“Thank you for an awesome class. Your enthusiasm for the profession and helping patients is contagious. I have a new perspective on the Chiropractic professional and I am really glad I was able to attend the seminar.” – Jamie Pumpian
“What a great experience and so nice to meet and see you in action Saturday. My lower ant/lat ribs and T/L junction were pretty sore (in a good way) Sunday. I definitely want to learn more and get better at taking people through the progressions and figuring out their weak links and strengths.”
–  Cliff Marhoefer
“Craig, it was a really great program!!  I enjoyed it so much!  You did a good job in turning all of that material into a one day class.  I don’t know how you did it!”   – Ming Ming Su-Brown
“Thank you for such an engaging, energetic, and influential course today. After the course I feel reinvigorated and ambitious to become a better clinician than I am today.” – Teymur Mirzoyev PT
“Thank you so much for coming to NYC.  Everyone really thought the seminar was amazing, especially me.  I love learning new ways and philosophies in treatment protocols.” – Don Wallace DC
“I wanted to thank you again for the phenomenal seminar. I have an enormous level of respect for what you do, and it’s also very clear that you have even more respect for those that came before you whom you have learned from; Lewit, Janda, Travell, McGill, et al.” – Jake Altman DC
“Thanks again for your seminar today. It was so awesome to see you passionately at work.”
Peak Performance 2012 – NYC
“What an amazing week practicing. Just implementing a few things on current patients has had a profound impact thanks to you. To top it off I’ve worked on myself with the things you suggested and feel physically reenergized!! Just a short while ago I considered that at 46 I was physically starting to feel my job as a chiro after 19 years. I was even considering a clinician position at Chiro college, But now I’m feeling a renewed energy on all levels…and thats from a guy who’s worked out his whole life. Thanks!!
Greg Huron, DC
“My business has been built on treating patients as I would want to be treated…After 23 years of practice, I am refreshed to meet a practitioner who shares my sentiments and offers so much validation and willing to share this knowledge.”
Andrew Ilowitz, DC Westport, CT
Hey Craig thanks for the valuable info at the Peak Seminar. I’ve used it to help dozens of clients.
Joe Vega
Earlier Programs
“I just wanted to thank you again for showing me the power and importance of a functional screen and clinical audit process.  I had two patients this morning that have had chronic LBP.  They had faulty movements with the squat and I corrected that and worked with them on the McGill big three.  Following the treatment their pain had improved significantly.  They were smiling again and before I could tell them to continue with the squat training and McGill exercises at home they asked me if it would be okay to do the exercises at home.  That is certainly a first, but I guess that is the power of the CAP and functional screen.”Shawn Engell D.C. – Brantford, Ontario
“Thanks doc for the workshop, fantastic!”Marie Silva (trainer) – Milan, Italy


“The seminar was amazing and I took away a lot of clinical pearls.”Jas Randhawa BSc, CSCS – Toronto, Ontario
“First patiënt in this morning and I am assessing. Feels good for me and THE patient! Thanks Craig.”Michael Schotte, DC, MSc Belgium
“Your program was amazing. I’ve started to practice your principle on monday with great success. It works and is really fun. What you showed me really impressed me, and was something that I’ve never seen”Tommaso Barruca, DC – Milan, Italy
“Just wanted to thank you for this past weekend. You delivered the course with precision and made it easy to understand. Thank you!” Brian Kotoka, Trainer – Toronto, ON
“Thank you for offering such an incredible course.  I found the information incredibly useful.  You supplied knowledge that I have been searching for over the last 6 years.  I feel much more confident working with my clients and I now have a clear direction of where to find the information I need to become the kind of trainer I would like to be.  Thanks again for the wealth of information you delivered.  I’m enjoying putting it to practice!”
Nikki Fraser – trainer, Toronto, Ontario
“Thank you for all the help on my back. Sometimes things stick a little more in your mind when you feel the benefits on yourself. Great seminar. Thank you.”
Mandy de Beer, DO – Essex, England
“Thanks again for the awesome course last weekend.”
– Lori Benner, MPA, OTR/L,,CDRS – Penn State University
“Thanks for the great seminar and for turning on the excitement in practice again.”
— Roy Love, DC, FACO State College, PA
“Thank you for an awe inspiring seminar and, more importantly, inspiration in the way of direction for the future. It is like a missing piece of an engine, the very piece that makes it not only work but gives it that smooth sound of perfection.  Since the seminar, I have been putting my patients through the Mag 7 and more, and on rewiring communication between the brain and thoracic musculature (the “Dead Zone”).
I noticed your way of working with your patients, whilst demonstrating in the seminar, was no more than textbook perfect if there is such a thing; or probably better put, your patient communication was in a direct manner, very clear and concise. You have consideration for the threshold of that individual’s own perception of their capability at that time. In other words, you really get the most out of them and leave them, not confused but with lots of motivation. The way you come across is brilliantly balanced.”
— Jacobus (Jacob) Steyn – Bournemouth, England


“Thank you for a wonderful course in Odense. I am using what I learned on all my patients with  great effect. I look forward to learning more!”
— Annliv Rosager, D.C. Copenhagen, Denmark
“Thanks so much for the great learning experience. I got so much out of the week-end that I will apply right away with my class and patients. You were so inspirational and on fire like I’ve never seen you before. What a great program. Credit where credit is due! Thanks so much for all you do for us. It was a great pleasure to spend time with you.”
— Debra Bonnefin, D.C., DACRB, MAppSc Cleveland College of Chiropractic – Los Angeles CA
“Thank you for a very worthwhile seminar that gave me a feeling of coming home where I feel that I have joined an elite professional family. I am now happily focusing on building this new found skill set into an effective art for the benefit of my clients.”
— Robert Garbellano DC, Grass Valley, CA
“I loved the seminar, appreciate the critical thinking & conceptual model, and the elegant simplicity of the work. I also, very much appreciate all of the credit you give to your teachers.”
—Marc Heller, DC – Ashland, OR
“Craig thank you so much for a great seminar. This is all making so much more sense. I am already using stuff I learned this weekend! I am so grateful to you for your continued work and am so lucky to get to hear and watch you at these seminars. You really have such a gentle way with patients. They can really tell they are in the best hands..and you have just no ego about it. It’s wonderful to see. You’re the man!”
—Catherine Pilibos, DC, ART Avanzaré Chiropractic Sport
Therapy San Francisco, California
“Thank you again for a great seminar. You offered so much practical information that can be applied in any practice right away. I will be opening my practice soon, and although I don’t have it all mastered yet it is empowering to have this knowledge that you have shared.”
— Dr. Chris Hubbard – WI
“I want to thank you for all of your hard work throughout the years which brought you and our profession to this point. All of my career I have been looking for more and could never seem to find it. I think I have found it now!”
~ Dr. Amy O’Donnell – Greenwich, CT
“Lots of hands-on. Dr. Liebenson is a phenomenal instructor and role model.”
~ Joseph Pavin, DC
Great presentation! I greatly appreciate all the work you do for the field of rehab and especially for our profession.
~ Yong Kim, DC, CCSP, ART, Sacramento, CA
“Your course has changed the way I practice and I am very appreciative of all your efforts.”
Mark Bernhard, D.C., Santa Cruz, CA
“I’ve been in practice 15+ years and I haven’t been this excited about chiropractic since the day I  opened my practice.”
 Len Mayer,D.C., Levittown, New York
“This class has changed the way I practice. I can more easily handle acute cases,  chronic cases, patient’s that have failed with other chiros, and kids who exhibit the beginnings of faulty postural patterns.”
Matt PaganoD.C., Winsted, Connecticut
“I would encourage all chiropractors to attend this series as a service to their patients and a treat to themselves This is information that you can utilize immediately in your practice.”
Kimberly Watson, D.C., Apopka, Florida
“Your work is the ‘missing link’ in chiropractic education and practice. Mastery of manipulation and rehab together has limitless potential. Thanks again.”
John Kriner, DC New York.
“This was the best seminar I have attended in my 10 years of practice. It is great to see chiropractic and traditional medicine finally moving in the same direction.” Charles F. Dunkerly, D.C. Pittsburgh, PA
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